Monday, April 18, 2011

Renaissance Pleasure Faire 2011

This past Saturday myself and J headed out to the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale. CA. The faire runs until May 22nd so if you live in the Southern California area, definitely check it out! It's about 35 minutes from downtown. You can read about my faire experience from last year, here.

This guy asked J if he would trade me for one of his horses...J almost said yes.

Lunch of champions right here. Shortly after I took this photo I dropped my cheese. D:

Turtle Racing is surprisingly hilarious and fun to watch.

This band was playing music from Star Wars. Yay Rennie geeks! <3

Geese, do you see the goslings? *___*

Getting a henna tattoo done...

Finished! Wish I could have gotten more but this design cost $25 already.

lol dragon boat swing thinger

I like how I look like I rolled off my ship to be

I definitely want to go again this year. I love the atmosphere and people watchin'.