Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pop Punk Idol and Rilakkuma Mall Walk

Last night was Tune in Tokyo's Pop Punk/Pop Idol event at Royal/T. Ciel and I dressed up in our Visual Kei/Punkish best and had a fab time! Ciel took home best punk outfit! YAY!

Ciel's prize pack from Q-Pop, a Sex Pot Revenge t-shirt, Glitter vinyl syndicate and some buttons~

Rilakkuma Mall Walk
Myself and five other Rilakkuma themed lolitas will be participating in a mall walk around three Los Angeles malls this Saturday 4/21. We will be passing out Rilakkuma finger puppets and stickers to those who come say "Hi!" to us. Please, if you're in the area please come to any of these malls and look for us! I will be live-tweeting from the event under the SanX_Fan twitter. Please follow! :)