Sunday, April 10, 2011

Japan Benefit Fashion Show

Last night, thanks to the hard work and dedication of Julie Doll, a bunch of local lolitas participated in a fashion show in Fullerton, California. The show was part of a fundraiser to raise money for the Japan quake and though there were a few hiccups with the sound, I think we rocked the stage! Most sub-styles of lolita were represented with 18 models participating! Also, long time no post from me, my apologies! ; ;

We're on the lookout for a video but until then here's some pictures we took after the show.

Pirate, gothic, kuro, and shiro lolitas.

Classic lolitas

Sweet, OOT Sweet, and Hime lolitas. Derp, someone's shoulder in the shot.

Group shot!

Adorable Miku cosplayer is adorable! She was super sweet~

Julie wore won a Godzilla poster! XD

In addition to the lolita fashion show there was also a show exhibiting different traditional clothing from Asian countries including China, Vietnam, Korea, and Japan.

My favorite looks

There ARE A TON of Los Angeles events coming up in the coming weeks;
6%DOKIDOKI's Mighty Harajuku Project
Los Angeles Cosplay Alliance Picnic
PMX and Ani-Maid Cafe Fashion Show and Swap Meet
Tune in Tokyo's POP PUNK/POP IDOL show @Royal/T
and Chubby Bunny's Bunnies and Bows exhibit @JapanLA

Phew, April is a busy month!