Thursday, March 17, 2011

California Adventure - We have Annual Passes now!

Phew, long time no post from me! I would first like to promote a couple events going on this weekend in Los Angeles to collect donations for the Japan quake.

Q Pop Shop Japan Art Fundraiser
#Pray for Japan Art Fundraiser at JapanLA
AniMaid Cafe Saving Japan Charity Event

Of course, even if you aren't in Los Angeles you can by help by donating to Red Cross.

On a happier note, J and I went to Disneyland last weekend! The day started off kind of rocky because someone hit and run my car while I was sleeping Saturday night. ; ; No note and no witnesses, quite the bummer. Karma!

We decided to purchase annual passes for Disneyland finally. It's really nice that they offer monthly payment plans so the cost doesn't seem so extreme. The passes aren't cheap. :x The option to hop parks, save money on dining, and have parking included was too good to pass up. It also helps that so many of our friends have passes too, yay!

Guess who got a Duffy bear? This isn't the full size bear, he's a purse!

I was so happy that they reopened the Sleeping Beauty Castle walk through story. This was closed after 9/11 and reopened a year or two ago. I finally remembered to go.

Nightmare Before Christmas moto-style sweatshirt? YES PLEASE.

The Little Mermaid ride at California Adventure can't open fast enough. Her sisters are sculpted into the facade.

For World of Color, J and I decided it was best to purchase a dining experience that included a premiere viewing ticket. For $39.99 you get unlimited appetizers (we chose the veggie, cheese, salad option), an entree, and a massive dessert plate. We took a lot home, haha. If it's your first time viewing I highly recommend this meal. I think it was well worth the value. We had an amazing viewing area for the show.

Have a good weekend everyone!