Sunday, February 6, 2011

Birthday Celebration @Round 1

This past Saturday I celebrated my birthday at Round 1. We were able to play a round of bowling, spend far too much money on crane games, take purikura, and play lots of arcade games. I had a fantastic time, thank you to everyone who made it!

With Ciel and Emmi. Both Ciel and I won artist Korilakkuma plush! I think it probably cost me $20...but whatever, lol.

Saturday night is typically pretty busy but there was also a Street Fighter tournament going on so it was INSANE. xD;

Bowling shoe lockers amuse me. You push a button and it vends out shoes!

Ridiculous bowling Mandie is ridiculous.

Wearing my leopard Metamorphose skirt for the first time. ^^

Make-up shot

Emmi got me Hello Kitty x Sephora goodies! The thing that looks like a letter is actually a shower cap and the roll on fragrance "Roller Girl" smells so fantastic.

Hand-made Resin jewelry from April.

Disney giftcard from Ciel and her bf! I can't wait to spend this. J is taking me to California Adventure for my birthday and this will come in handy. :D Time to finally get a Duffy Bear!

Thursday I met up with Yumi and she gave a wonderful assortment of goodies from her Japan trip!

I was most excited about the purikura notebook she gave me. I already filled up a few pages. :D

Some purikura from last night

Lastly, after four and a half hours of trying I managed to get Sunday Comic-Con tickets for J and I. The entire process made me rage. I don't understand why they can't find a ticket distributor whose servers can handle the capacity of people trying to buy tickets. J and I have missed two Comic Cons in a row now because of the messy hotel and badge systems. This year we just decided to go one day and instead of staying in the Gas Lamp quarter to stay near Sea World or the San Diego Zoo. Comic Con IS fun don't get me wrong but the system is broken and it's not even about comics anymore. ;; Oh well~~

Off to download Ash's Pikachu from Toys R Us now. XD