Saturday, January 22, 2011

NYC Trip Part 3

Thanks for the comments on my previous two posts! Here's the rest of my photos from my NYC trip. The place I was looking most forward to visiting was the Nintendo World store in Rockefellar Center. The first floor is dedicated to Pokemon, DS demo stations and products and the second floor includes a Nintendo product display, Wii demos, and general Nintendo merchandise including t-shirts, plush, backpacks etc.

Myself with a precious Turtwig plush. I love how Pikachu snuck into the pic. xD

What are the odds that the day we visit there is a Pokemon fan gathering? Damn they are dedicated, it was like 25ºF that day!

Can you spot bootleg Cookie Monster and Pooh Bear outside? ROFL

I love the star case!

If only these came in queen size for my bed, haha.

Really pretty Hinamatsuri display at a Japanese sweets shop. Either this display is really early or really late since the Doll Festival doesn't take place until March in Japan.

Went to a late lunch at a super tasty Vietnamese restaurant near Union Square.

Thank goodness we left NYC when we did. It started to rain on our departure day. What a gloomy day it was. Once the rain hits the pavement it freezes making for super slippery, dangerous driving conditions.

My purchases from the trip! I was so excited to get my hands on some of the last remaining pieces of the Minnie Muse collection at Forever 21.

From Left to Right
Back issues of Popsister and Kera from Book Off
Minnie Muse baseball tee from Forever 21
Minnie Muse leggings from Forever 21
Scrump bag and phone strap from Chinatown
Dollywink lash case from Chinatown
Angelic Pretty trump OTK socks from Tokyo Rebel

Hope you enjoyed my short, but sweet trip report! I'm off to the So. Cal Lolita picnic today in Griffith Park!