Friday, January 21, 2011

NYC Trip Part 2

No trip to New York is complete without a stop in Times Square. I really wanted to visit the new Disney store and the four glorious floors of Forever 21 Times Square. They are conveniently located next to each other!

Wall of plush.

Princess dream world.

Pretty frozen fountain in Bryant Park. I was really surprised to see a fountain running during Winter.

Visited some of J's family in Brooklyn and walked along the Brooklyn Promenade. NYC is on the left. The Brooklyn Bridge is straight ahead. I would love to live in one of the homes on the right. What a view!

Catfish po'boy sammich and delicious fries! I love Creole/Cajun food. Ug, I require mad amounts of exercise after this trip, lol.

Reunited with my lovely best friend from high school, Frankie and went out for Korean food. My fave thing about Korean restaurants? All the appetizers!

Veggie bibimbap. I was pretty sick of fried food at this point in the trip, haha.

After dinner we enjoyed delicious pastries at Paris Baguette. They had a huge assortment of Parisian/Korean pastries and desserts. I just realized they have locations in California. I will definitely be visiting the local branch!

Mini cheesecakes

Nintendo World store and my purchases from the trip up in Part 3. Thanks for reading!