Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Contact Lenses - Wear & Care

Wearing colored or circle lenses has become pretty common ground amongst the lolita, gyaru, and cosplay communities. I thought it would be helpful to put together a tutorial for those who are unfamiliar with wearing lenses.

I wear contacts daily for vision so I had to be sure that wherever I ordered from offered lenses in my prescription. Most websites do not require you to have a prescription to order. Simply state 0.00 as your Rx if requested to do so.

For this tutorial I will be using a pair of super circle black lenses from YesStyle. Lenses from YS are sold as single lenses so if you want a pair make sure to set quantity to 2. There are a variety of lens sellers, just to name a few:

Pinky Paradise
Honey Color

What you'll need:
-Lenses (duh)
-Lens case
-Lens solution, I use Opti-Free (CVS, Target, Rite Aid etc.)

The lenses come in glass viles with plastic/metal caps. To remove, first push up on the orange cap (may be be a diff. color for you) in the location indicated by the silver arrow.

You'll notice that the silver portion is actually connected to the orange cap. Carefully pull away the silver metal bits so you get something that looks like this:

Now remove the white rubber caps.

Fill your lens case with solution and place your lenses inside. Let soak overnight. You want to be sure your lenses have soaked in your own solution before wearing. Who knows how long they've been sitting in those glass viles.

Before wearing, make sure to wash your hands well. Your going to be handling items that go into your eye, you want to make sure they are free of any dust or particles. The tiniest speck of something can cause quite a bit of discomfort.

To wear:
1.] With your index finger "scoop" the contact out of the container and place into your palm. Cover lens with solution and lightly rub with your index finger. This will help to remove any debris that may have settled onto it overnight.

2.] After cleaning, again "scoop" the contact lens onto your index finger. Using your other hand spread open your eye by pushing up and down on the lash lines. Place the contact on your eye. It should release off your finger pretty easily, if not it's likely too dry. Simply re-wet with some solution.

3.] Repeat for other eye.

Left eye with lens in and my natural eye on the right

It should feel like there is nothing in your eye. If it does, repeat Step 1. If your eyes feel dry while wearing contacts you can purchase re-wetting drops. If they feel irritated, immediately remove the lenses and use eye drops (Visine etc.) as needed. It may take some time to adjust to wearing lenses, especially if they are prescription and you're used to glasses. You may experience minor headaches.

Always bring a case filled with some solution with you if you're wearing them out. Should the contacts start bothering you, you can remove them and store them for later. Lenses will dry out and do expire. Most lens labels will recommend not using for more than one year. This may be less depending on frequency of wear.

If you've never worn contacts but are a glasses wearer you need to visit your doctor before doing so. A contact lens prescription is NOT the same as a glasses prescription.

Also, I feel like this is pretty obvious but don't sleep in your lenses! Even if it's just a nap don't do it. When you wake the lenses will feel sticky and dry. It's a really uncomfortable feeling that I don't recommend. >.>;

Hope this has been helpful to some of you! I am happy to answer any questions you might have. ^^