Friday, December 17, 2010 order and review

After a bit of hassle with the post office, they said they left me a notice but they didn't, I got my Lovely Shoes order!

I felt like I was taking a pretty big risk with LS as you are required to make a minimum purchase of $100 excluding shipping. Another issue that concerned me was fit. I am women's U.S. size 10 (42 in China) and I could only order from their "plus size" shoe section. I'm just always weary of ordering a shoe size that is significantly larger than usual for that country.

Upon opening the box

All the items were wrapped inside plastic bags. The grey pumps had tissue protecting the bows and the light grey boots came in dust bags.

In terms of imperfections; they were minor including visible glue on the bottom of the purple pumps and small silver dots on the side of the engineer boots. I'm near positive I can get it off with nail polish remover.

Communication 5/5
Upon completing my order using the shopping cart and Paypal to pay I received a personal email (not automated) from one of LS reps. One of the items I had chosen was out of stock so I did have to choose a replacement and pay a few extra dollars but that wasn't a big deal.

Shipping 3/5
I was pretty shocked at how much shipping was. I won't say exact numbers but it was close to the actual cost of the shoes. Though it got here in a reasonable amount of time (a little under 3 weeks) I highly recommend you order with a friend or two if you're considering ordering from LS.

Quality 4/5

I'm pleased with the quality. The suede they used is really soft as is the pleather for the boots. I love the shiny insoles on the pumps as well.

Fit 3/5
Honestly I wasn't expecting to be able to fit in any of these shoes, lol. So the fact that both the purple pumps and the grey over the knee boots fit perfectly I'm a pretty happy camper. The four other pairs will need some stretching and wearing in but I'd say 2/6 ain't bad when I was expecting zilch, haha.

Accuracy of Item Description 5/5
This was spot on. They have excellent photography and detail shots of their products and everything was accurately portrayed.

My Photo

LS Stock Photos

Future order 4/5
I will very likely buy from them again in the future. There are so many options available you can kind of get lost browsing the site. I will definitely be ordering with a friend to share shipping costs though.

I hope this has been informative for you all! If you make an order from LS I hope you'll blog about it. I'd love to read other experiences.