Monday, November 22, 2010

Pacific Media Expo 2010

Whew, I'm finally getting around to posting my photos from PMX! I was only able to attend for one day since I got hired to work the Sanrio event (post coming soon).

The Pasadena Hilton:
This year the event was held at a new location and it was just too cramped. The hallways were very small and it was difficult to find certain panels/rooms. It got especially congested when photographers would ask attendees to stop for photos. There was no elevator in the parking garage making it very difficult to carry my swap meet items up and down three flights of stairs. There was also a lack of trash cans which meant a lot of attendees just left their garbage wherever. Ick!

Swap Meet:
I was most looking forward to selling my unwanted Japan related merchandise at the swap meet. However, instead of putting the swap meet sellers in their own room the staff put us in the same room as the artist's alley. This meant the swap meet sellers had to wait for an artist alley vendor to clean up their space and leave before we could set up. This was super ridiculous. The artist alley was supposed to close at 8 for the swap meet but many of the artists remained at their tables throughout the swap meet. It was kind of chaotic trying to set up but Ciel and I managed to grab a table and sold quite a bit of merchandise. There was just barely any room to walk through the aisles and I was pretty paranoid of my items being stolen.

Starlight Fashion Festival:
Unfortunately another let down was the Starlight Fashion Festival. The event cost $10 on top of the regular PMX badge and was held Saturday evening. The only thing to do inside the event was play carnival games. The games of course cost tickets which were $1 each. I was a bit irritated that this is all the event was. At least provide some refreshments and seating for attendees to sit and chat. I know these events are expensive to put on but I definitely wouldn't have paid the $10 had I known it was just going to be 10 game booths.

Sorry for the wall of text, onto photos! Here's me:

Sami and I <3

Outfit Rundown:

JSK, Socks, Headbow, Hoodie: Angelic Pretty
Purses: San-X and Angelic Pretty
Accessories: Angelic Pretty, Chocomint, 6%DOKIDOKI, and MintyMix
Boots: Irregular Choice
Blouse: Bodyline

Pretty Vocaloids are pretty


Another cute Vocaloid cosplayer

Oh hello epic Steampunk lolita

Shelby Cloud, such a sweetie ^^

Oli looking super glamorous!

Yay more Jewelry Jelly!

Minty Mix's table

I bought these from her <3

Very sweet girl lookin' fab with her coord for the Sanrio Nerd event!

Lovely coord and lovely girl.

Look at all these well dressed lolitas!

CiCi eating what else? Pizza!

More sweet lolita!

More jewelry jelly, wow so popular! I am too tall u_u

Overall Feelings:
I want to like PMX. It has so much potential to be an amazing convention. I will say that I was very pleased to have both Innocent World and BTSSB attend and that the food trucks were a nice option for eats. The event in general though seems very rushed and disorganized. Announcements are always made at the last minute and it takes a very long time to get responses from their staff. I just hope future PMX events are better organized and take place at a different venue. Here's hoping. :)