Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Megamind World Record event

Last Saturday, to promote the new animated feature Megamind, Dreamworks asked those in the Los Angeles with superhero costumes to meet at the Nokia Theater. They wanted to break the world record for most costumed superheroes in one place. Will Ferrell who is the voice of Megamind was in attendance and helped to announce the results. It was a great turnout and a record-breaking (literally!) 1,580 people in costume showed up. I was one of them!

I dressed up Ms. Marvel. I love this costume and character so much. She's one of the New Avengers from Marvel comics.

Harry Potter! I wanted to steal his Hedwig. :3

Kato! This was a character played by Bruce Lee in the T.V. series The Green Hornet in the late 1960s.

Cutie patootie Shazam family! They had some of the best costumes there. So well made!

Yay we broke the record!

Will Ferrell

Steampunk...Batman?! Also, Batdog is amazing. XD

Emma Frost from X-Men

This costume will be making another appearance with my West Coast Avengers costume group at Long Beach Comic Con. I hope some of you will come to our meet-up on Saturday the 30th!