Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sweet Streets II - Model Contest

I found out a few weeks ago that I was a finalist in the 6%DOKIDOKI model contest as part of the Sweet Streets II gallery exhibition. This past Thursday evening I had my interview with the 6%DOKIDOKI staff and although I didn't make it, it was still an honor to have been chosen as a finalist. I won't say who was chosen since tonight the winners will be revealed to the public. I will however share some pictures of my outfit and the other contestants.

It was wonderful meeting Sebastian Masuda (the owner) and the models Yuka and Vanii. All the contestants and everyone at 6%DOKIDOKI were super pleasant to be around. I hope you all will come this evening and Sunday to view the exhibit and buy goodies from the pop up shop!

I was given a goodie bag for participating which included a Sweet Streets II compliation CD and 6%DOKIDOKI stickers and button. I will proudly rock that tonight!

Also, just discovered pictures from the casting on 6%DOKIDOKI's blog. How exciting!