Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sweet Streets II - Fashion Show & Exhibit

What an amazing event! I had so much fun last night at the Sweet Streets II/6% DOKIDOKI event. I attended with Ciel and her boyfriend and J. We made sure to get there early so we would have first dibs on the 6% store and have a good view of the fashion show. I'm certainly glad we did. It was packed with people! Very well dressed/coordinated people. It was so fun admiring everyone's outfits.

Ciel and I

Oh Star Night Theater how I love thee...

I feel like my headgear needed more oomph so I created the "Viva las Vegas" headpiece out of playing cards and a plastic mardi gras necklace.

Accessories close-up. My SNT choker became a bracelet.

The fashion show was really cute. Instead of a runway walk the models danced and were super playful down the runway. At the finale they pulled people onto the catwalk with them to boogie down.

I am so, so happy I got the star brooches in not one but two colors! I was really pining for the gold one but I'm happy with my two pink ones. ^^ Also, hello adorable cheese-it like cookie necklace!

What better way to end the evening then midnight purikura at Cue!.