Monday, September 20, 2010

Ojai Pirate Faire

Most of you are probably familiar with Renaissance faires but how about a Pirate Faire? J and I trekked out to Ojai, California (about 1.5 hours from L.A.) to attend the Gold Coast Pirate Festival. The faire was set up near a campground bordering Lake Casitas which made for a really pleasant location.

No festival would be complete without proper attire. J and I both rocked the same outfits from the Renaissance Faire back in May but with each event we're adding more accessories.

Do I look like I fit in? I hope! Faire attendees can be serious about their garb.

Attempting my best Tyra Banks "SMIZE". Ug, my hair totally fell flat in the 90ยบ heat. Oh well, a pirate's life ain't glamorous!

I want this in my future home.

Lunch consisted of not-so-low calorie coconut shrimp and chips with my stein of rum and punch. Delish!

Dogs get in the spirit too!

In case you wanna get really drunk.

No pirate festival would be complete without cannons! No, the photo isn't blurry that's cannon smoke. For the record it was super loud, I think I jumped as each cannon was shot off.

Many of the picnic tables had pirate's treasure on them! The gun is a replica and belongs to Ciel. Thanks for letting me borrow it! I'm not giving it back. :P

Believe it or not these roses are made out of wood!

Yes it works and yes I want one.

I can't wait for the next festival!