Monday, September 6, 2010

Los Angeles Zoo

J and I made our way out to Griffith Park today to visit the Los Angeles Zoo. They've been doing a hefty amount of remodeling and reconstruction for the past few years so there's always a new exhibit to view everytime we go.

I was super happy to see the usual one lone meerkat now has buddies! On a previous trip he was the only one in his enclosure. They look really hot though apparent by their positions in the shade, lol.

Eating my favorite "theme park" snack, Dippin' Dots! It's ice cream in little tiny pearl form. It's totally gimmicky and hella expensive at $4 a package but I can't resist.

Male lion looking majestic. We didn't stay near his enclosure long cause neither J nor I could handle the people whistling and yelling "Look over here!" at the lions. They are wild animals people, not dogs.

A bongo! I love that it's tongue is out. xD

More sugar! Nothing says refreshing like a strawberry and pineapple snow cone!

My outfit for the day

Tank: Forever 21
Glasses: Some cheapy store near my house
Tights: Target
Belt: Target
Headscarf: Purchased by my Aunt in Kenya, Africa
Boots: AMI Clubwear
Hippo Purse: San Diego Zoo

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