Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lazy Sundays

I had to work overtime this Saturday so I only got a one day weekend. The only thing I wanted to do Sunday was spend a nice afternoon enjoying lunch somewhere pleasant and taking it easy. Today we took a walk near Venice beach and ate at Lemonade.

We were very pleased to find out they serve many varieties of lemonade! I had an Arnold Palmer (1/2 lemonade 1/2 iced tea) and J enjoyed kiwi strawberry lemonade. Both were delish! Lemonade offers sandwiches, a huge array of side dishes/salads and stews. I would definitely go back, the atmosphere was pleasant and the staff was very nice.

So remember how I mentioned I was baking a cake for 4th of July? Well, here's the results:

And here's the cake 2 minutes after:

I set the cake down on the ottoman you see there for two minutes while J and I put our shoes on. I was on the phone with Ciel telling her we were on our way to her house when "OMG LATTE JUST JUMPED INTO THE CAKE!" came yelling out of my mouth. Unbelievable, Latte (our kitty) unaware I guess that there was a cake on the ottoman took a flying leap into my beautiful cake. D: There was frosting and cake EVERYWHERE. On the floor, couch, wall, and of course all over the cat. For the record, frosting is annoying as haaaale to wipe up.

We still managed to enjoy the cake despite it's horrible appearance. We just ate around the holes in the middle from Latte's