Monday, July 12, 2010

Fierce new shoes

One of my favorite places to shop is Nordstrom Rack. Yes, the big fancy department store is lovely and don't get me wrong I love going there too but at Nordstrom Rack I always find amazing bargains. In fact, I think I prefer "the Rack" over the original. Anyhow! I haven't treated myself to any fancy shoes in far too long. I was so excited to find not one but two pairs of gorgeous shoes!

The red bow pair is from Harajuku Lovers and the leopard pumps are by who else but Betsey Johnson. <3 I also bought my first item from L.A.M.B. ever. This fantastic wallet, which funnily enough matches my blog! XD

Poupee Girl needs to hurry up and post the Matsuri event items already. I want a new yukata! I am thrilled to see the kitchen catcher items though. I am so sad I didn't buy more at last year's cooking event.