Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fanime Part 3 - Sunday

Sunday was our last day at Fanime. *sad face* We made sure to pack all our stuff the evening before so we could take full advantage of the few hours we'd have Sunday morning/early afternoon. I think I was most excited for this day. It was my first time wearing a full gothic lolita emsemble. Not only that but we would be shopping at the Fantaisies dans le Monde des RĂªves Magical Boutique!

We pranced around the dealer's hall looking for deals since vendors typically discount their wares toward the end of the con. I scored a fantastic deal on a Shadaloo Cammy figure down from $90 to $35!

The most exciting purchase of the whole con for me though was buying my first brand lolita dress. It was brand new with tags and just spoke to me, lol. I don't exactly have a "dream" print I desire to own but this Cherry Berry Bunny Jumperskirt just might be it. It came with the matching head bow as well. Now to just find the socks! Please, if you know someone selling them in pink or white send them my way. ^-^

After making a final round of the Artist's Alley and Dealer's Hall we headed over to The Fairmont Hotel to purchase more lolita goodies. I was mostly excited to buy plastic jewelry from Angelic Pretty. I ended up purchasing a matching bangle and ring and an adorable strawberry ring that matches my new jumperskirt!

What I Wore

Dress: Crown of Hearts (Purchased from T.J.Maxx in 2007)
Blouse: Metamorphose
Socks: Metamorphose
Shoes: Demonia
Headband: Forever 21
Jewelry: Angelic Pretty, Minty Mix, and Forever 21

After the boutique we made one final round of the convention center where I grabbed a few last minute pics of cosplayers.
Rydia from FFIV

Anastasia from Anastasia, lol

Goku enjoys ice cream

As we made our way to the car Ciel surprised me with a chocolate Gloomy Bear as a thank you for driving! I love that girl! I couldn't get a good photo of him so here's his stock photo. So precious. His nails are caramel colored with chocolate drips!

Our last stop on the trip was buying cherries from a roadside stand. I grabbed this shot when S and Ciel were buying their fruit.

So scenic!