Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fanime Part 2 - Saturday

Our morning started off with a nutritious breakfast of peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches, lol. I don't think I've had pb&j for over five years. Lemme tell yah, it was delish!

We left the room around 12:30 p.m. in our Vocaloid costumes. The three of us cosplayed from the song, Sandplay - Singing of the Dragon.

Ciel and S as Rin and Miku

Myself as Luka

We tried to get into the maid cafe for lunch but the line was crazy long. I would have loved to have worked as one of the maids, their uniforms were so cute!

We wandered around the exhibit hall and artist's alley where we proceeded to buy a handful of accessories from Minty Mix's booth. I totally forgot to take a picture of the table. Instead have a pic of an amazing booth that was selling retro anime stuff. There was a girl, probably no older than eight oogling all the Sailor Moon items. It made me happy to know that Sailor Moon is -still- popular among young girls.

Yes, we totally did purikura in our costumes, scans to come.

I found a giant pink octopus in the dealer's hall...

I also found Morrigan from Dragon Age! Yay BioWare cosplay!

And Catbus!

Cute FF13 cosplayers, SO MUCH PINK HAIR. <3

Also, Fang from FF13!

After being hot and feeling the pain of being in heels all day we decided to head back to the hotel and change. After which we took a walk around downtown San Jose. I must say, what a pleasant, clean city it is! We went to Walgreens where I proceeded to buy nail polish I don't need and oogle at all the different Pringles chips they had! WTF, I have never seen Layer Dip flavor or honey mustard, or whole grain! AHHHH! LOL CHIPS.

We found a Japanese restaurant for dinner which I must say was totally mediocre. The service was super slow, I had to ASK for our miso soup which came midway through our meal, tables were piled (yes, piled) with dirty dishes. It was totally unappetizing. The food was ok, but I certainly wouldn't go back for it. They seemed totally overwhelmed and unprepared for the Fanime crowd. I did pity one waitress who did seem to be trying but her coworker just didn't seem to care, poor thing. Our evening ended with watching Red Dead Redemption cutscenes on TV, lol.

Onto Sunday!