Monday, September 12, 2016

Dark Lady Watch Over You, World of Warcraft OOTD

Anyone playing World of Warcraft's new expac, Legion? I am having so much fun! I made it to level 110 this weekend (whoohoo!) and have been aggresively diving into the Suramar quests to pick up artifact points and mana. Despite not actually leveling up this way and just earning reputation points, the environment and story arc is so rad I've completely let that thought slide.

To celebrate Legion, this new Sylvanas t-shirt from Loot Wear's "Anti-Hero" theme has been getting a lot of wear lately. I even got a matching one for my hubby! We get so many compliments. There is not enough merchandise of the badass Azeroth babes. Check out my most recent outfit of the day featuring the tee below!

Tee: Loot Wear
Skirt (it's actually a skater dress): Black Milk Clothing
Boots: Hot Topic
Tights: Some cheapy shop near my house (just take a scissors to any black tights, really)
Ring: Love and Madness

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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

OOTD: Renaissance Faire Pirate

Yarrg, mateys it's time for a ye olde blog post! Attending the Renaissance Pleasure Faire is one of my favorite Springtime activities. I love how in character all the staff is, how much delicious food and drink there is to enjoy, and best of all there's typically more people dressed up than not! It much more fun to dress up, I came one year not in costume and didn't have nearly as good a time. If you're worried about where to find a costume, you can rent one from the faire itself OR it's fairly easy to put something together at your local thrift shop. If enough people are interested I'd be happy to write up a guide! As long as you've got a few key pieces, say a bodice and head wear, everything else can fall into place.

I typically dress as a pirate switching up my bodice and accessories with each visit. I like to purchase new items direct from the faire and jazz up my outfit each year. There are tons of vendors selling just the things you'll be needing at the faire including a tankard (stein), bags/pouches, jewelry, full outfits, etc. I hope to be super decked out by the time I'm in my 80s, haha.

Hat: Elope
Leggings: Black Milk Clothing
Boots: Ami Club Wear
Tankard: Thrifted
Blouse: Thrifted
Alliance Pin: WETA Workshop

Now excuse me I need a refill on ale, see you soon scallywags!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Red, white, black, and a touch of puddin' OOTD with Harley Quinn T-Shirt

Though I don't feature them here often, I have an extensive collection of geek t-shirts. I've amassed quite the collection from attending so many comic book and sci fi conventions over the years. Reminds me, I should probably do a closet clear out soon... Since black and red is one of my fave color combos I figured I rock an ensemble around this cutie Harley Quinn tee from Bioworld. Though she's not my fave Batman babe (Catwoman is bae), she's still pretty adorbs. ♥♦♣♠

TShirt: Bioworld
Button-Down: Ross
Hat & Leg Warmers: Target
Shorts: Pink Rose Clothing

Monday, February 8, 2016

Grab your favorite grog, it's an OOTD with Hearthstone goods from The Blizzard Store

The official Blizzard shop has been on point with their apparel and accessory offerings lately. My lovely friend Ciel surprised me with this awesome Hearthstone scarf at BlizzCon and I finally took the time to create an outfit around it. This scarf is GIANT and could easily be rocked as a shawl or sarong. It's light weight material too so it's pretty versatile from a weather standpoint. I have two Hearthstone light up charms, one from a keychain, the other a lanyard and decided to make earrings out of them to match. They even light up!

Scarf: Blizzard Store
Hearthstone Earrings: Frankensteined from a Hearthstone keychain/lanyard
Hearthstone Stressball: September 2015 Loot Crate
Leggings: Black Milk Clothing
Ring: Macy's

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Medieval Inspired OOTD, Warrior Maiden Dress from

I feel like Halloween costumes get a really bad rap. Yes, quite a few are fairly crappily made with really low budget materials and finishing but there are some diamonds in the roughs that I've actually incorporated into every day wear and worn more than once. I'm always super bummed with those super itchy polyester costumes with the tied open back, ug. The below Warrior Maiden costume from 3Wishes (Sexy Lingerie so maybe NSFW) is not one of these shoddy costumes.

The complete costume set included a dress with zippered back (no velcro, yay!), faux leather harness with actual buckles, an elastic braided headband, and a pair of faux leather bracers (not pictured here). I ordered a size medium. I feel the dress' length was a bit short, however I am 5'8" and was wearing heels so the length overall wasn't too bad. I can definitely see myself incorporating the harness and bracers into other looks. This costume is pretty versatile. The shape of the dress could go Grecian/Roman pretty easily with some accessory swaps and even be a pretty dress for an evening out dressed up with some jewelry. Determined to get a backless dress to work for below 60 weather, I paired it with a super cozy knit sweater, some thigh high sweater socks, and boots. Is Rustic Medieval a thing? Can we make a thing?

Pair this outfit with a Dragon Age moleskin to really feel like an RPG character, hehe. I added a vintage pin to the harness to dress it up a bit. Thankfully the headband was fairly stretchy to fit my giant noggin'.

Dress: 3Wishes
Sweater: Ross
Socks: Target
Harness: 3Wishes

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