Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A trip to The Magic Castle with a whimsical headpiece from Dimundi Costume Design

The lovely Diana of Dimundi Costume Design made me an incredible 20s inspired headpiece to match the dress I wore to see Fantastic Beasts! After a few mishaps with the postal service (get it together USPS!) the headpiece made it to me safely! I've been looking for another opportunity to wear this super fun flapper dress and what better place than The Magic Castle?! If you all don't know, the Magic Castle is a members only club where multiple magicians perform nightly. The best part is? The venue is super intimate and you get the opportunity to see lots of different shows and acts. There's wonderful cocktails and food to be had as well. If you get a chance to go, take it! Such a fun experience with a strict dress code (hence my fancy outfit!) that makes the evening that much more special.

Diana included an adorable hand written note and the headpiece was carefully wrapped in magenta crepe paper. The headpiece itself features a super sparkly center gem, soft black feathers attached to a sparkly sequin headband! Thank you Diana for matching my dress so well! I love that it looks like these two items we're created together. If you lovely readers are looking for your own custom headpiece, Dimundi takes custom orders through Etsy, make sure you add to your favorite shops. ♥

Headpiece: Dimundi Costume Design
Dress: Ebay
Purse: Forever 21

Thursday, March 9, 2017

These are the keys you're looking for, a Star Wars OOTD sponsored by foundmi

I don't know about you guys but I have a habit of misplacing my keys and/or purse and get into a tizzy when I can't find them. Fret no longer! There is more than meets ze eye with this adorably chubby Stormtrooper key chain from foundmi. Inside is a hidden sensor that connects to an app on my phone! Simply download the foundmi app (it's free!) and when you can't find the item your key chain is attached to, simply send out an alert through the app and follow the sound to your missing item! Easy and cute to boot! I selected the Stormtrooper model but there's plenty of other characters to select from including fan favorites from Star Wars and DC Comics!

This video can better explain:

In addition to helping you find your missing item, foundmi also has a remote selfie option. Open the camera app from the foundmi app and my Stormtrooper becomes a remote shutter button! Amaze! Each foundmi unit also comes with an optional keyring or 3M stickers. Either loop to your keys/bag or stick to whatever you want to keep tabs on.

Hat: H&M
Dress: Kohl's (Yes, that is the Imperial logo from Star Wars!!)
Boots: Thrifted
Jacket: Ross
Purse: Angelic Pretty
Stormtrooper Keychain: foundmi

You check out foundmi on their official site or give 'em a follow on Facebook for the latest news around new features and designs!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

My Pokemanz, let me show you them.

Looking for the perfect outfit for Pokemon GO Adventures? I got chu. I nabbed this incredible Pokemon romper, featuring Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle from JapanLA Clothing's sample sale a few months back and so glad I did! It's incredibly comfy and super fun and colorful in person. You can still grab it for a steal at just $40 from JapanLA.

Romper: JapanLA
Jacket: Aeropostale
Sandals: AMI ClubWear

Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Vintage Slytherin Inspired Harry Potter OOTD

Let me preface this by saying me creating a Sytherin inspired look does not mean I done the actions of anyone from the Malfoy family. Thank you. We can proceed with this outfit post. ;) It's always such a blast dressing up to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. When I nabbed this dress at my local Goodwill it just screamed Slytherin to me. Don't you think Narcissa Malfoy would wear something like this to an evening out?

Bonus pic of my map nailwraps from Espionage Cosmetics! They reminded me of the Marauder's Map. :3

Thrifted, pretty sure it's from a Dancewear shop. It has built in safety shorts!
Tights: Random Halloween Costume Shop
Shoes: Black Milk Clothing x Soul Struck
Purse: Thrifted
Nailwraps: Espionage Cosmetics
Wand: Ollivander's Wand Shop

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Cold Weather Star Wars OOTD

It's been so nice having colder weather here in SoCal. I am huge fan of layering so anytime I can break out a scarf or sweater I'm amped to get dressed, haha. This subtly Star Wars look features what might be my favorite piece of geek chic jewelry ever, The Crawl Wrap Bracelet from Love & Madness. The girls over at L&M really know how to bring a dash of funk and edginess to a brand that has been licensed to Hoth and back. The bracelet comes in a few different colorways if silver isn't your thing. It goes perfectly with this super fun Star Wars tee from Kohl's!

Top: Kohl's
Sweater: Ross
Leggings: Black Milk Clothing
Bracelet: Love & Madness
Ring: JapanLA

How did you guys and gals enjoy Rogue One? It's definitely up there as one of my favorite Star Wars films. ♥